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Maya Pro

Course Description

MayaPro takes students through the nuances of Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Rigging, FX& Animation using the industry leading software Autodesk Maya™. Autodesk Mudbox™ is also integrated in the course for students to understand the sculpting techniques in Computer Graphics. Students will also be given an opportunity to do a specialization to further enhance their particular skill-sets.

Course duration: 8 months +4 months for speialization

Course content

  1. 3D Design and Modeling
  2. Digital Sculpting
  3. Advanced Look development
  4. CG Lighting
  5. Particles & Dynamics
  6. Hair & Fur and Cloth
  7. Character set up & Skinning
  8. Character Animation
  9. Specialization: 4 Months • 96 Hours