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Advance Level of VFX

Course Description

Advance Level of Visual Effect (VFX)

There are many limitation in real video shoots where cinematographer cannot go beyond the reality and Cinema and advertising is limitless. So how one could bring those impossible imagination in real shoot – The answer is VFX means Visual effects. You must have seen many such scene in movie and advertising where you many have owner how one has made it for example running on edge of multistory building and jumping from the unbelievable heights or go through the fire and bomb blast. All such creativity which can not be get done by camera is created by VFX artist.

Why you should go with VFX career

Today no advertising or no movie or not single TV program is been served without VFX processing. The movie and advertising industry is growing with limitless boundaries hence the processing studios. So calculation is simple; in future these industry needs huge manpower to serve the demands and skilled student will get unbelievable pay Be wise

Choose VFX with MAAC Drive-In Road 

There are two levels of VFX ( Visual Effects )

  1. ADVFX (Advance Level starts from Zero)
  2. Suitable for students who want to work with BIG Cinema processing studios