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Advance Level of 3D Animation

Course Description

Course: AD3D EDGE, (24 Months)

It starts with basic theory to advanced level of 3D animation, film making with all different kind of specialization. It starts with pre-production sessions where the key aspects are storyboarding, stops motion, 3D design animation and modeling animation.

This is ideal for those aspirants who want to build their career as an animator or in film making or editing. 3D animation is vast subjects which cover many aspects and each aspect is linked with huge career options. So when a student completes the course they could apply for different skilled jobs.

The future of Animation is really growing as since the technology yet not discovered fully the growth gives accelerate to people requirements and hit numerous job vacancy. The people working in the Animation industry has agreed that the best part of Animation technology is one need to explore it and learn it. The new learning enhances one’s position and earning standard as well.

The placement standard is going higher and higher because of work volume has been increasing and thus salary standard. The major recruitment in the Animation industry is done by Animation studio, IT/ITES companies, software industry, designing company, architecture designing companies and advertising industry.

This Animation advanced course gives opportunities to choose from three specialization options at the end of the course-modeling & texturing, lighting & shading, and animation.