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About MAAC Animation Institute In Ahmedabad

Since the inception of MAAC Animation Institute has travelled a memorable journey, thriving on its initial objective and promise of imparting Industry Specific education to today’s generation. Our institution has been rated as the top 3D Top Animation Institute In Ahmedabad, India by focusing on employee skills and enhances social relevance.

From the Desk of the Director

I was firmly believe that talent and creativity is equally important for any individual to be successful and fulfilling dreams but I often found that people’s mind-sets are more towards the academic performances only. The traditional education in Indian society describes the academic score card as success. I have seen many talent compromised to achieve only for more percentage in education.

I realized that society would not believe in true value of talent and creativity till it gets commercial value. I have started my business named “Maya Academy Of Advanced Cinematics” (which is also popularly known as MAAC) for that idea and today, I am very much proud to say that lot many students of our Animation Institute are working with big production studios, well known software corporates and prominent MNCs, where they got selected based on their talent not academic percentage. This could have not been possible without trust of their parents on our talent nurturing.

In MAAC Drive-In, we put more emphasis for job placements and we tried hard to place our students with BIG salary packages.

According to recent projection by Financial Express “Media and entertainment industry may grow to Rs 4,51,373 crore by 2023”

The internet, social media, smart phone and global digitalisation has opened new era for creative people and the tomorrow could have bigger than our thoughts.

Come, join us for most successful career in digital world.

– Prashat Thakar (Founder, Director)

Maya Academy Of Advanced Cinematics

MAAC Drive-In

Our Vision

To give world-class training to students in the fields of special effects on imaginative drawings, Animation, Games, and outfitted with latest technology knowledge and skills needed to be readily absorbed into the industry.

Our Mission

MAAC is on a mission to craft a learning environment where creative inquiry and cultural development is ended promising throughout education and research.

Quality Quote

Each and Every Professional at MAAC is driven by the belief that quality and regularity is the utmost profits for everyone.