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3D Animation

Course Description

MAAC is one of the most noted 3D Animation brands and is outstandingly recognized for turning out the industry’s most talented professionals in this stream through career-oriented short, mid and long term courses. The Academy is especially identified in providing top animation courses in Gujarat, VFX, 3D Animation, graphics and web designing, gaming, multimedia, etc.

The course material of MAAC is exemplary because it has been prepared with the efforts of experienced faculties. MAAC’s Drive-in Road facilities are most superior in terms of sophistication and the richness of experience of the faculties.

Advanced Level of 3D Animation

Course Name – AD3DEDGE
Course Duration – 24 Months

This course first introduces students learning animation courses with the basic theory and further, takes them to advanced levels. Students learn complex technical aspects and specialization in film making and 3D animation. Right from the initial facet of pre-production, other significant aspects i.e. storyboarding, stop motion, 3D design and modeling animation are also covered in it.

Moderate Level 3D Animation (Suitable Animation Course for Working Professionals)

Course Name – D3D
Course Duration – 18 Months

This course is most significant for industry professionals in knowing the latest technical updates and also for an employed professional in gaining further career advancement. It is most appropriate for working professionals.

Digital Film Making
The film is not just limited to operation some software, but it requires enormous innovation and knowledge of latest cinematography techniques. That is the purpose of this course.

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